Sore but happy sore

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ok I had some malfunctions with my post at first.... so I lost what I wrote already gosh darn it... grrrr

I am sooooo VERY VERY VERY sore... Yesterday night was MUCH worse then today but still very sore. BUT very good sore!! Means I am doing something right.


Lunch - went as planned, had Chicken salad (p90x recipe)
Snack - 1/2 serving of roasted Almonds
Dinner - BBQ flat steak,1 cup of wild rice, serving of steamed zucchini, Water
**2 pieces of kiwi, 1 piece of mango, 3 strawberries, a few grapes, at my room mom meeting**
WORKOUT - was in the AM so I was good.

Brkfst - 2 morning star sausages on top of whole wheat eng. muffins w/ motz cheese, coffee with LESS creamer =)
snack - 1/2 of peppermint Luna bar, 1/2 recovery drink
Lunch - on the menu - homemade - steak salad!!!! water
Dinner - on the menu - Baked chicken breast and zucchini and water
WORKOUT - plan to do Yoga

I did get up at 4:15 a.m. got out of bed and tried... tried to bend down to get my clothes to put on for Yoga, and just could barely move... =( so that made me crawl back into bed.. =) I thought I could just MAKE SURE to do it tonight when my muscles had been more warmed up... seriously I was like STIFF as a board all over this morning.

So tonight, I am going to do YOGA for sure... and really going to try an get up early on Friday AM since we will be rollin the dice Friday night and won't be able to get a work out in that night!!!

I am feeling really great so far... this is hard for sure... I want to just splurge, but really don't want to until I complete this, then it won't be so hard to burn it off when I do splurge.

Saturday I plan to go on a run in the EARLY AM before Aliyah's game, shooting for 6 miles. I only have 2 weeks until my 1/2 marathon and need to get some running in since this week hasn't been an option to run with the rain!

Sunday we have Aliyahs school Fiesta, so I will be walking around all day, lifting, bending doing all sorts of physical activity, that will be a good day and good way to end the week.

Ok ladies... lets keep the posting coming... I love hearing everyone's fights!! They help motivate me.


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