Ugh...Hippo Status

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok as I'm sure you can tell from my title this is not a happy entry. BUT at least I'm here making some effort to get back to it (even if it has been a week since my last entry)

Right now I'm feeling like a moose. My monthly friend came to visit me yesterday and has me feeling ugly, bloated and blah. However, in an effort to look on the bright side this means that my headaches are gone for at least another month (God willing).

I'll be 100% upfront and honest and say that I still haven't been eating the greatest and haven't done one bit of exercise since my last blog. I suck I know but at least I'm owning up to it.

So ok, again, I'm going to start with yesterday as far as my meals go. I don't remember half of what I ate on the weekend so I'm letting that go. And in an attempt to follow Ang's lead I'm going to be COMPLETELY honest about what I'm eating and not eating from now on to really see where I'm going wrong. I know that yesterdays lunch is for sure a bad one but like I said, I need to be completely honest or I'm hurting no one but myself. So here it goes:

Breakfast - Hot tea & nothing else
Lunch - McDonalds Big Mac, small fries & a coke (told you it was bad)
Dinner - farfalle
(sp?) pasta w/ vodka sauce, peas & asparagus & 1 Bud Light Lime
Dessert - 1 fat free blueberry muffin w/ butter
Late Snack - 2 more blueberry muffins w/ 2 squirts of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Exercise - NONE =(

Breakfast - 1 blueberry muffin
Lunch - On the menu is an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread & water
Dinner - Not sure yet but will update this tomorrow
Exercise - doubtful - not only am I feeling like a hippo but I think I'm getting sick and unless I start feeling better this afternoon I'll probably just head home and go to bed.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a little grocery shopping in after work and that will help with the food choices since I know part of the reason I make bad choices is because we don't have much food at the house so I end up grabbing whatever is easiest.

I really do need to make an effort to work hard. I feel sluggish lately from the bad choices I've recently made and that makes me sad. When I was exercising more and eating better I felt healthier, had more energy and not to get gross lack of gall-bladder didn't bother me as much. I'm not happy this way and it's pure laziness that's keeping me here. So no more excuses.
To quote one of my favorite lines from Star Wars (yes I'm a Star Wars nerd and I don't care):

"Do or do not...there is no try!" ~ Yoda


Ang said...

Love your honesty LEESE!!! That's the start... like you said only YOU can make your self do it...but we will sure try to make you!! =) We all have one another to help push us out of our slumps, if that is what we want!

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