Thursday, November 11, 2010

Was a little late waking up this morning so I only did two videos: Cardio and Abs. Both challenging. I feel pretty good. I haven't been too sore and I hope that isn't a sign that I'm not working out hard enough.
Yesterday was a bad, bad, BAD day. We had a potluck so I had some of my yummy tortelinni pasta salad, a little bit of some egg caserole, crackers with cheese and meat and a cookie. I'm sure I had more stuff but I can't remember. I did refuse the bagels which was good, I think...
Lunch: More pasta salad
OH and I had my usual 3 coffees. It's hard to resist those peppermint mochas. I did say no to them today though. Yay me!
Snack: piece of cake from the potluck. I didn't eat any of the frosting. Just the chocolate cake part and it wasn't a huge piece, still not good though.
Dinner: shredded beef tostada from Pescador. I didn't even eat half but it wasn't the best choice, though yummy.
I'm very very hungry today though. I had my banana and oatmeal and now I'm snacking on cheez-its that I should not have bought. They are reduced fat but sooo soo good!


Ang said...

GREAT JOB T, you are doing it!!! And motivating me too!!!

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