So far (not) so good

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's a new week and I have nothing good to report on the exercise front at least. I started off good last week working out and eating good Monday - Wednesday and then I just stopped. I was so tired from staying up late on Wednesday night that I couldn't get up early to work out on Thursday morning and I couldn't work out Thursday evening and it just went downhill from there. I don't regret hanging out on Wednesday. It was a great time and it was worth the calories consumed and lack of calories burned. So, I figured I would start fresh yesterday and I just couldn't get myself to 1)wake up early to work out 2) work out after work. I set my alarm this morning for 4 and just ignored it. I had even set out my shoes and sports bra to put on after I rolled out of bed. I NEED to work out tonight!!!
Luckily, I was pretty good in the eating department yesterday.

Coffee (2 with creamer)
eggs with cheese and cottage cheese
Snack: cheez-its
Salad with chicken, cheese and balsalmic dressing
Snack: grapes, carrots, snap peas and ritz crackers
Dinner: Taco salad with chicken, beans lettuce, cheese, salsa, tostada, lite sour cream. It sounds kinda bad but it really wasn't. I took it easy on the cheese and sour cream.
Now here is where it get's bad. I think I had like 3 rice krispy treats. They were small squares but still. I'm glad those are now all gone!
I really need to step it up.


Ang said...

GREAT Confession Terese!!! On the Rice Krispy treat note, they aren't as bad as say 3 brownies, or 3 pieces of cake... so a little splurge is tasty and will hold you over from eating BIG trests!! Keep up the great work girlie!

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