Fighting with the scale...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok..... so I am not happy with the scale at all today... Well actually yesterday... but really just not to happy....BUT not letting it discourage me. SO Recap first then we will get to my argument with the scale.

Friday -
snack - didn't happen, think I was away from my desk for a bit, but don't remember =)
LUNCH - Jersey Mikes mini sami. not the best one for ya but still better then a burger. It was the club not sure which number then 1/2 of bag of jalapeno kettle chips & water
DINNER - Went as planned, I made chicken taquitos and spanish rice... not good for the waist line, but good for the pocket book and home life.

Brkfst - a small serving of scrambled eggs w/ turkey sausage
WORKOUT - Ran 3.17 miles (T & LM that is from my house to around Terese's house and back!)
Lunch - SMFCO Ceviche Tostada @ Pumpkin patch, then I was dumb and bought some pumpkin macaroon cookies... soooo greasy and yummy blah....
Dinner - BJ's , 1 motz stick, 5 chicken wings =) my fav., then Rod and I split a chicken pesto flatbread pizza... oh and i had 2 Berry Burst Ciders (aka BEER) SOOO yummy another Fav. of mine.

gggrrrrr stepped on the scale and thought for sure that it would be lower then last week since I did sooo much running... ah not the case. I guess my bad choices over the weekend OVERPOWERED my activity during the week.
So the scale read 129.... =( not happy at all.
Brkfst - Made a trip with the kids to HOZY'S - decided to go BIG (not a good idea) Oatmeal and then a plate of eggs and bacon and home fries... sooo yummy oh but I had WATER =) I took 1/2 the oatmeal home tho. =)
Lunch - 1/2 sandwich with meat and cheese only
Dinner - Cheese tortellini w/ chicken in alfredo sauce, garlic bread, steamed broccoli, water. all homemade

Now for today... not bad so far, but I think I am going for the gusto now! I tried on 2 pairs of jeans this morning and neither of them worked... =( not ok with that.

I need to really get serious here if I really want this.

So I decided to start keeping a food dairy/log... i do that now but think I am going to be better with it then I have been... that way I can see what the heck isn't working for me.

Brkfst - coffee, oatmeal
snack - 1/2 of Luna bar
Lunch - gg to get a Caprise salad from Urban
Dinner - ??? not sure yet, it's just me and the little one AGAIN so we will see.. but something for sure.
WORKOUT - doing P90X video FOR SURE!

I need you guys to kick me in the butt!!! HELP HELP HELP


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