Oh Tony how I've missed you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday was my official start to living a healthy lifestyle once again. I went shopping on Sunday (so nice to see you at Vons Ang) and stocked up on healthy ingredients for the week. I'm ready to do this!! So, I finally broke out that scale and as predicted, I gained 9 lbs probably in the last 2 1/2 months! NOT GOOD AT ALL! The needle was pointing directly at the 130. My goal is to lose 5 lbls. It would be great to lose the 9 but I figure I need a smaller goal first.

Monday Food:
2 coffees from home (with creamer which is not good but I need it on these gloomy days)
egg beaters with bell peppers and lowfat cottage cheese with fiber
Snack: cheeze-its (reduced fat)
Lunch: Chicken salad with low fat raspberry dressing with a walnut/cranberry mixture and carrots
Tomato soup
Snack: grapes and yogurt, and oatmeal bar
Dinner: leftover tacos
AND I FINALLY WORKED OUT!!! P90X Core Synergistics and let me tell you, Tony Horton totally kicked my butt!!!! Even though it was hard (really really hard), I did feel good after. It felt good period just to be doing some sort of activity. And yes, my little one did interrupt me a few times but I learned that it's ok to press the pause button so I can interact with him. As the day goes on the soreness is starting to kick in. Oh and I bought myself some new workout shoes for motivation. Tonight, cardio X is on the agenda. I'm planning on making pork tenderloin for dinner so I need to get that ready and then while it's cooking, it's cardio X time. I actually really like that video. It's intense but it's quick! And I like quick!! We can do this girls! I know this weather makes us want to relax and lounge but we got to get moving! Getting started is the hardest part, I know! Tomorrow will be a challenge. I'm going to try and wake up earlier, ugh, like 4:15/4:30 to get my workout out of the way. Though I love sleep, I've realized that some days call for an early wake up in order to get my workout in. It's going to suck but it has to be done.


Ang said...

TERESE we are sooo on the same page as you said in the email IN SOOOO MANY WAYS... I will leave more info for my blog post today... YAYAYAYA your making it work!

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