Friday Funday!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday!!! woo hoo, what a great week this has been so far... We still have two more days so not trying to slack off anytime soon.

Really I was looking forward to it being a little warm today, but that is not the case, so it is still a need for the warm snugly clothes that also make you wanna just curl up and be cozy... Makes working out tough but we have the DRIVE so we can fight that urge, and just get cozy AFTER we work out. =)


Thursday - (I don't remember if I posted after lunch or before lunch sooo)
Lunch - homemade, steak salad P90-recipe
snack - didn't have one... not a fan of turkey jerky which was on the menu need to find a substitute
Dinner - BAKED homemade chick breast, wild rice, steamed zuchinni, WATER
WORKOUT - P90X Yoga!!! Only did 45 mins of the 130 min work out...but I was sweating like crazy.. while in a praying twist the sweat was dripping down my face!!!=) Love it...

Friday - it's been a crazy start this far.... see below
Brkfst - 6 egg whites, 1 yoke, fresh spinach, motz cheese, coffee
Snack - PLANNING -Protein bar, 1/2 of recovery drink
Lunch - PLANNING - turkey sandwich from subway (suppose to have turkey burger, but I didn't make it...
Snack - i don't know.
Dinner - PLANNING - not being tooo bad at BUNCO!!! Might have something small before I go so it will make it easier for me...Time w/ my girls is all I need.
WORKOUT - =( no work out today... woke up to late...

This is where my funny story comes in.... Well after Yoga I cooled down then didn't' do ANYTHING for today, didn't make lunches, didn't get Aliyahs clothes ready, nada... just washed my face and laid down... Well that led to a LLOONNGGG convo with Rod about home-life, kids and step kids... it is a long convo and well, just really TOUGH sometimes.... so that led to a dead silence and then sleep... Aliyah woke up at what time I don't know cause she was thirsty, so I took her back to bed, got her some water and laid in bed with her!!! Woke up, at what time I don't know.... took my ass back to my bed and then what felt like a min. later, my alarm went off, over and over and over again. finally, i hit it off!!!! soooo we all know where this is going right.... YUP, my alarm goes off at 5:10... UMMM I didn't get up until 6:27 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By this time I am usually showered, lotioned, & 1/2 done with my make-up and waking aliyah up to get ready. =)

So needless to say I didn't have time to work out this morning nor blow dry my hair... =)

BUT I feel really good about all my progress this week so missing a day of working out won't be to bad.

On the schedule for the weekend:

Sat - eating good, doing Kempo work out and maybe going for a run in the early Morning!!!

Sunday - waking up early and going for a run, then heading to Aliyah's school Fiesta and being all over the place for that. That will be a lot of good active activity.

Thank you everyone for your convo's this week. I am so anxious everyday to see what we are all doing and where our goals are at... LOVE it T that we were so in sync this week!!! =)

LADIES my house is always always open for work out nights.... instead of just WOW.... We can have WOM, WOT, WOTH, WOF.. =0 I am going to be working out every night, why not with my girls.... Usually I will always start at 8-830ish... or maybe we can do a Work out Tree so when one of us gets going we all get going... if that helps, cause going to one anothers house is hard I know. BUT My house is always open.

Last note: Love how we have developed this into a Workout Fitness / Personal venting, guidance outlet... We are just getting stronger together in every way!!!

LOVE YA.... See you all tonight!


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