Bad to the Bone

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi Girls!!

I'm here and I've been reading least checking in daily to see if any new posts pop up! Long story short...I've been bad. I haven't been bad 100% of the time but the days I'm bad, I'm really bad. I've have pizza for lunch and dinner and breakfast (the next day). When Ryan is gone, it is SO hard to actually make a healthy dinner...I just don't care what I eat when I'm alone and that's if I'm hungry.

I haven't gained much since Vegas...I'm probably about 142 or so and I was (I think) 139 the morning we left. I have a feeling that although I haven't gained weight (as it looks by the scale), I have lost muscle. I feel extra squishy and jiggly. I've been very blah lately and I need to snap out of it. I'll be on my own for the next two weeks and it SUCKS! (wahhh waaaa wahhh, I know!)

Anyway...I vow to make better decisions for myself and get on the move. We will be needing to go grocery shopping here soon and I'm going to pack the house with HEALTHY. Even on my days I don't feel like eating anything, I'll grab for something healthy to munch on. I'm going to need a lot of help! ;) Stay strong girls as I know you are. Here's to a new beginning!!

(FYI- This food NAZI is BACK! - But I WILL give you the DRUNCO day OFF...ha,ha,ha)

I LOVE you girls!


Ang said...

YAY Mrs. M is BACK!!! You know girl I feel your pain... we are in the SAME boat being alone... sooo why don't we piggy back on one another... I MADE a PROMISE to myself this wk w/ Rod being gone, NO FAST FOOD, even it is the easiest thing. I made dinner for Aliyah EVERYNIGHT! and Jay to when he was home =) You should come over to... I always give my left overs to Ron and Chris.. lolo love ya

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