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Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning ladies!!! Monday morning recap ready to go!!!

After a GREAT weekend with friends, not to much falling off course I am ready for Monday to keep pushing forward!!!


Friday - (not sure if I logged lunch)
Lunch - 6" sub from Subway, turkey, prov. cheese, lettuce, avo, lite mayo, NO CHIPS, WATER
Dinner - Turkey slider on Hawaiian bread, 2 Hawaiian rolls, chips, T's YUMMY DIP, 1 ultra, 1/2 bag of carrotts (thank you Laura muah)

Brkfst - Protein shake
snack - protein bar, water
Lunch - 4eggs w/ mushrooms, spinach, motz cheese
Dinner - Fillet milgon, cesar salad, steamed broccoli, some bread, and bites of a cookie and ice cream... then lead to 4 glasses of wine, chips and carrots, with some ranch dip and cheese dip... I GAVE IN....
WORKOUT - P90X KEMPO (not my fav at all)

Sunday morning weigh in..... YAY I went down to 127!!! 2 pounds not to bad!!!
Brkfst - 4 egg whites, 2 yokes, motz cheese, 2 pieces of turkey bacon
snack - protein bar
lunch - grilled chicken with salad, 1/2 piece of garlic bread
Dinner - HOMEMADE: BBQ Trip Tip, small portion of spanish rice!
WORKOUT - Worked at the school Fiesta walking all over the place, up down, up down

Over all I think the weekend was pretty successful. I didn't go crazy and over do it on my splurges... Everything was in moderation. Didn't expect to drink 4 glasses of wine on Sat. but I am not worried about it.
Bunco was definitely ONE of the most FUN Night EVER!!! And even though there was some bad eating on my part, I think 1/2 of it was burned off that night from laughing so darn hard!!! I could totally feel my stomach hurting from laughing so much. Truly we have the best group of girlfriends!!!

I am soooo excited for this weekend to do it all over again, the laughs, the funny stories, the dressing up, the being with my girls and hearing our FAVORITE GROUP!!!! Can't wait.

Plan and what's been done so far today.

Brkfst - 6 egg whites 2 yokes, mushrooms, motz cheese
Snack - PLAN - protein bar
Lunch - PLAN - Toppers salad bar
Snack - PLAN - cottage cheese
Dinner - Not sure whats on the menu yet, but maybe Rod will BBQ something up.
WORKOUT - PLAN - P90X chest and back & AB ripper

Anyone want to join me? I will be starting around 8:15ish, all are welcome for WOM!!! =) I think I wrote them backwards last week. lolol



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