What a great week!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok ladies... I am ending the work week on a GREAT NOTE! =)

A Recap for the week first:

Tuesday went as planned for the most part:
Lunch - SMFCO Ahi Salad to go, w/ water
Dinner - Homemade salad with boiled shredded chicken in it for the protein.
WORKOUT- Ran 4.39 miles here in VTA.. Ahhh felt so good. I was shooting for 6 miles, but I left 17 minutes later then I had planned so I had to cut it short in order to get to dance with Aliyah.

Wednesday -
Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, non-fat banana cream yogurt w/ low fat granola
snack - THE BIGGEST APPLE EVER... a HoneyCrisp Apple from vons, seriously this thing was on steroids... SOOOO Yummy, a little tart but sooo good!!!
Lunch - HOMEMADE, turkey and ham sandwich on whole wheat bread, baked Cheetos and water
Dinner - HOMEMADE, Turkey spaghetti, w/ garlic bread w/ water
WORKOUT- walked around Sheils park for 1.19 miles in 21mins. I left 1/2 way through practice to go and make dinner (Nick brought Aliyah home)

Thursday -
Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage patties w/ motz chees on top of a 1/2 whole wheat eng. muffin. I had to share with Aliyah cause she was drooling over it like she hadn't just ate 2 bowls of trix!!! =)
snack - a handful of tortilla chips
Lunch - 6" turkey avo sandwich from Subway w/ 1/2 of bag of Chile cheese Frito's... and water
Dinner - SO PROUD OF MYSELF... I BBQ'd ALL BY MYSELF for the first time!! I Q'd up some pork boneless spare ribs and some spanish rice (not bbq'd ;)) and a 1/2 can of Sunkist orange soda....

SO that is my recap... It is tough to cook for myself and one sometimes two little mouths cause those little mouths can be soooo picky. But i really really worked hard to cook instead of fast food or bad food. =)

I feel really good this week, I haven't put on any of my jeans yet cause i don't want to get discouraged not fitting different. I didn't work out yesterday, just had to much to do with dinner and homework and getting the house straightened.

Well my morning has been hilarious but I will save that story for an email....
Brkfst - Grande NONFAT Chi Latte, 2 petite lemon scones
Snack - PLANNING - Luna Protein bar
Lunch - NO PLAN YET.. but something not bad
Dinner - HOMEMADE Chicken Taquitos and rice I think is on the menu, being my little one asked me to make them for her... Cause Momma you haven't made those in a long time since your diet... =) LOVE HER...

I really think HOMEMADE food is sooo much better for us overall... let SAT. FAT and less on the pocket book and you don't feel so BLAH and heavy after... so that step I feel is one in the right direction.
DUDE I spent $358 at Costco on the first... and since then my man has been gone at least 10 of those days, so we have the food to make!!! And I did that show we wouldn't go out and spend money on CRAP (but good) food!

Tomorrow, I PLAN to run at least 4 miles before Aliyahs soccer game in the EARLY AM.... Then it is fun with the kids and my honey the rest of the day. Lets all try to get some kind of work out/exercise in this weekend... Terese you can do your stairs like 10 times!!! Laura you can do your stairs 10 times!!! Rhon, Leese take your doggies for a walk!!! We can do this ladies... I know it.

LADY A is only 2 Weeks away from today!!!! WOO HOO


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