Friday is finally here....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok ladies... Sorry I was MIA for a minute, I had it up everyday and tried to post but was just way to busy at work....

SO My recap... I am working in Santa Clarita today (hanging with the BFF) so I am recapping from memory.. =)

umm when was the last day I posted...


Lunch - 1/2 almost full cpk bbq chopped chicken salad (got a full but whoa that was a lot)

Snack - string cheese

Dinner - little bit of salad with chopped up baked chicken nuggets stomach wasn't happy with me so couldn't eat to much.

WORKOUT- Ran 4.38 miles in 50 mins...Not my best time but wasn't to bad, started having a stomach ache...


Bkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 2 morning star sausage ontop of wheat toast

snack - protein bar

lunch - I think... 1/2 wheat sandwich with turkey and ham w/ munster cheese

snack - none

Dinner - Granola bar - i know really bad but I went to get my hair done at 630 so I had to be on the road at 600 so I didn't have time eat.. but I drank a liter of water too! =)



Bkfst - Coffee w/ creamer, 6 egg whites 2 yokes w/ motz cheese and turkey

snack - protein bar

lunch - Ultimate Salmon Roll, (left 3 rolls) 1 salmon sushi, whole order of edamne

Dinner - BBQ tri tip, bbq chicken thigh, chili beans, salad with ranch 3 small pieces of garlic bread, some of Aliyah's 7up



Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer, 1/2 burrito w/ egg whites, bacon and chedder cheese, 1/2 avocado

snack - nada.. to full from burrito

Lunch - TBD

Dinner - TBD


Over all this week has not been my greatest at all. =( not happy about not working out on Wed. or Thurs. because to be honest I more then likely am not going to be working out tonight... =(

BUT I plan to go for a long run in the AM but then again, who knows what this evening has in store for me.

This weekend I know is going to involve a lot of drinks and maybe some not so good for me food, so there will be a lot of work to do next week, because there is no holding back this weekend!!! =)

LADY A is only a little more then 24 hrs away and I am soooooo excited.

My pants are fitting me not bad... a little better then 2 weeks ago.. but I have yet to try a pair on that were really snug before... Just don't want to be bummed out that I haven't changed enough to wear them...

I did weigh in this morning just to see where I am as of now, but going to record after this weekend still even tho it may not be pretty.... See you ladies tomorrow!!!!


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