Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok I'm here...and not happy about it! LOL Just kidding.

So I will fully admit to how horribly I've been doing the past couple weeks. Not much exercise and definitely not the greatest food choices. But I'm back to try to do it right or at the very least, be held accountable for when I screw up. So rather than go back and try to recount my errors of the past couple weeks I'll just start with Monday.

Monday meals:
Breakfast - large black coffee
Lunch - Chicken Pesto & red bell pepper sandwich from Urbane Cafe w/ the standard salad and ice tea
Dinner - Mastacholi w/ wheat noodles & ground turkey
Exercise - None =(

Tuesday meals:
Breakfast - eggs, turkey bacon & whole wheat tortillas w/ a large black coffee
Lunch - my boss treated us to Red Lobster and I ate like crap. 2 cheddar biscuits, popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad & iced tea. The only good thing about this meal was that I didn't finish the popcorn shrimp or the mashed potatoes and they are now sitting in the fridge here at work where they will prob stay until I throw them out since I HATE leftovers. =)
Dinner - boiled shredded chicken w/ BBQ sauce on a whole wheat bun & water
Exercise - None =(

Breakfast - a big fat nothing. We need to go grocery shopping @ my house
Lunch - I know it's bad but we'd been planning on Taco Bell for a while now so I'll just have to try to make the best choices possible there.
Dinner - no clue but will post tomorrow
Exercise - gonna try to make it to the gym tonight but I've been so exhausted lately it's been hard.

Ok so obviously I'm not in the right mindset for all of this but just typing things out is a start. I need to really get back at it but I'm just so tired and bloated these days I'm not very motivated. Plus it's that time of the month so it makes things even worse.

Hopefully you ladies are doing better than I am!


Ang said...

LEESE!!! Your back... Yes you are in the right frame and getting on and doing what we set out to do. Motivate. Word of encouragement... and just my thoughts... LEESE, you don't have the energy cause your not exercising.... That will help you if you get to the gym, just walk on the treadmill for a bit... it will help!!! I am walking at like 5 outside in Fillmore but I know that might be to early for ya....You can do this... look at your Momma, look at your past progress... PLUS you have been eating good this weeek it looks like! YOU CAN DO IT!!! love ya.

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