Hump day!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi all... hellloooo anyone there? =)

I think we are all still recovering from the AWESOME weekend we had!! =)

Well I am back so I will give a brief recap of what I have been doing starting Monday:


brkfst - yogurt w/ granola, coffee,
Lunch -HABIT - cheeseburger, fries, onion rings... SOOO GOOD!
Dinner - eggs w/ turkey lol (Aliyah and I only couldn't think of what to eat so I let her choose, she always wants eggs for dinner)
WORKOUT- P90X Chest & Back and Ab Ripper

brkst - Fresh fruit, 1/2 cranberry muffin, coffee
lunch - Tri tip sandwich, chili beans, salad w/ ranch, homemade kettle chips (mtg food)
dinner - Rotisserie Chicken with salad
WORKOUT-Ran 5.33 miles

brkfst - coffee, sesame seed bagel with cream cheese
lunch - BBQ tri tip, BBQ chicken, salad, chili beans, salad with ranch. (mtg again)
Dinner - PLANNING - bbq ranchera meat with pasta roni and ....
WORKOUT - PLANNING on P90X shoulders and arms

This week I am CARB'ING up... I have my 1/2 marathon so I am not skimping on the carbs. I am very excited about the marathon and really want to finish in a 2hr time.

I really enjoy our blog and love to hear how everyone is doing...

Laura... thank you for our heart to heart about working out and eating!!! I promise I do all this cause I like the way I feel when I eat right and work out. With my genetic genes.... well if I don't work out... I will not be fitting in ANY of my clothes. Everything in moderation....


Mrs. M said...

Ang- I feel you're our workout/eating healthy rock. Don't feel the pressure but we all look up to you and your dedication (if I may speak for everyone ;)) You're AWESOME and a GREAT motivator for us all. KEEP IT UP! :)

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