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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi My Lovlies...and any other blog readers that may be lurking,

I'm not going to recap anything I've eaten or the exercise I've done because it's all been bad and I don't need to bring any negativity to the blog (or tempt you with all the GOOD...I mean FATTY foods I've had). What I do need to do is say, "I'm ALL IN" with getting back on the healthy wagon. I had felt pretty good considering I've eaten what I want and drank what I want...UNTIL today. I ALWAYS check in with the scale while I'm at my parent's house, which is pretty often but today I had a RUDE AWAKENING! I SWEAR my weight* was WAY lower over the weekend. It could be because Aunt Flow is here, because I've had a half a bag of fun size snickers between Sunday and Tuesday, because I'm starting to drink more soda, or because I haven't exercised AT ALL but whatever it is...I DON'T LIKE IT.

As T said, we have 3 weeks left until The SCE Christmas Party and that will be my small term goal. I WILL get to where I want to be by then.

*The scale read 147!!!


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