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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ok this is my 3rd attempt to post so hopefully I can get it done this time!!! I have two kidos in school and one asleep & a hubby @ work so here it goes... so first attempt I was going to let you girlies know that we had just found out that my moms cancer spread & she has to basiclly start all over with her treatments :( so I want to thank you guys for being here to listen to me and my issuse!!!
The 2nd attempt was thanking Ang, Lisa & Teesh for there commitment to us & this Blog, Ang you have been my insperation one day I will be able to work out as much as you! Good Job :) Leese Good Job on keeping us updated & for your down 2 sizes!!! I feel terese & I are in the same boat with our updates we update when we can but I do look forward to reading them it really does help me out :)
So now I will update you on my general eating & workout... So basiclly I am still doing Stroller Strides without it I would not be doing any workout so thank you Stroller Strides!
Bfast: 1 cup Special K cereal & milk
Lunch: $9.00 Salad from Lassens...losts of protein & veggies
Snack: Veggies sticks (a good sub for chips from trader joes)
Dinner: 1/2 Pinni & cup of french onion soup (Pinni Restaraunt It was ok I'd rather have Urban Cafe!)
Snack: popcorn & one holloween candy
Excersise: Stroller Strides
Bfast: 1 cup of Special K cereal & milk
So far thats all I got! Hey does any one still have a copy of the PX90 meals? If so text me if I can get a copy... all of angs foods sound so good!!! Next time anyone wants to go to SMFish Co let me know I might be able to meet up with ya...Mondays & Wed I only have B so that would work out best for me :)


RhondaM said...

We're here for you Jenny ;)

LOVE You!!!!!!

Mrs. M said...

Oh Jenny...I'm SO sorry to hear about your mom. My prayers are with you all. You've been doing an awesome job!

Ditto to Rhon...We LOVE you KIM! (I mean Jenny ;))

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