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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok so...after my little mini confession last week, I've decided to try to start fresh this week. I gave myself off for the weekend because I was feeling poopie and didn't really get out of bed much.
Last night my mom and I finally did some grocery shopping so I should be good to go for this week.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a stupid headache (think I'm getting sick) so I had a late start to my day.

Breakfast - small bowl of cereal and 1/2 a bagel
Lunch - Just BARELY ate. Turkey sandwich from home, some baked lays & grapes.
Snack - Not sure I'll be hungry for it but I have some sugar snap peas & string cheese
Dinner - Not too sure at this point but since I ate such a late lunch I'm not sure I'll be hungry by dinner.
Exercise - None tonight. I want to try to keep this cold I can feel coming on away and so I'm heading to bed early tonight.

So while I know I haven't been eating the greatest lately and had pretty much zero exercise to note, I somehow managed to go down one pant size. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans last Friday because I was in desperate need and was thrilled to see my reg size was too big. So yay for me! I'm going to really try to get back on track to keep this up. Seeing results is always a motivator so to see them when I'm not really trying shows that if I try that much harder...the results will be that much greater.

Can't wait for this Sat. Pray that I do NOT get sick before then! =)


LeeseD said...

Quick update for dinner (assuming I'm hungry enough to eat it). We're having turkey hot dogs on wheat bread w/ turkey chili.

ReeseS said...

Yay! Leese! Hope you feel better today. You owe me three days of slim in six!!! The first video is only 20 minutes so it's an hour all week!! You can do it!!

Ang said...

LOVE IT Terese!!! Crack that whip... Pay your debt Leese!! =0 Good job on the eating Leese, hope you feel better too, take care of yourself, ZICAM spray works WONDERS!!!!

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