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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hee hee just kidding :) With summer events in full swing and the upcoming holiday weekend, it is going to be harder and harder for us to stay strong. I think it's important we don't beat ourselves up over splurging here and there (we have to enjoy ourselves afterall) but we DO need to try and stay focused on the OVERALL goal since our Vegas trip is right around the corner! We are just over a month away! Ahhhh! So excited.

I have been doing ok on exercise and eating OVERALL. I have my moments, but I am trying to stay on track- especially during the week. I have been completely faithful to my Tuesday/Thursday lunch workout routine for the past few weeks and that feels great. It has been really HOT up here since the weekend so Ariana and I can't get our walks in unless we go at 2:00 am! I have been doing abs, arms and squats/lunges whenever I can at home though.

This morning I weighed in at where I left off (and have pretty much stayed) for the last two months! Well I know I have no problem maintaining right?! LOL! But like I have mentioned before, I feel like I look better so I am happy with that.

Food for today:


Breakfast: 110 calorie baby yogurt. (These are my FAVORITE! (Stonyfield Yo Baby) They are a little on the small side (4 oz) but I think they are sooooo much better than regular yogurt because they aren't super sweet.

Snack: reduced fat wheat thins

Lunch: I will have 10 oz of tuna with lemon and mixed veggies!

Snack: I will have grapes

Dinner: will be green beans and 2 chicken hot links (with apple and gouda cheese from Costco) 110 calories each and 13 grams of protein. 26 grams of protein for the cost of 220 calories is freakin' awesome!

Today is going to be super low-cal by the looks of it. I know I won't be able to do it every day but I definately want to take advantage of it when I can and have the willpower.

OK I am looking forward to hearing from you all!!!



Ang said...

NO JUST KIDDING... call us on it!!! that's why we do this right ladies... =) MUAH

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