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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello beautiful girls!

It's been a while but here I am! Just got back from my 20 minute lunch time power workout! This weekend wasn't the greatest on the food front but part of that was that we were guests at the Ramirez residence :) Not complaining at all though! And then the other part was all me!! Friday night had a BLAST with the girls... which included 4 vodka tonics and one bag of popcorn with NO butter! Thanks for keeping me in line Reese!!!!!!

Saturday night the hostess made home made lasagna- Yum :) And then the rest of the weekend, I don't even really remember what the heck I ate but I know I did not do any exercise at all... Oh well.

Yesterday I was off, so the boss and I got up and took about an hr long walk in the beautiful morning sun. Eating was pretty good yesterday and then I squeezed in a short late night weight session in the garage... quads, shoulders, squats and sit ups. I was tired and it was hot but it felt good to push myself considering the weekend I enjoyed so much!

Like I mentioned earlier, I did my 20 minute workout at lunch today and am planning on doing a workout at home tonight too.... I just might bust out the P90X! Planning on BBQ chicken on the grill tonight- it is marinating as I blog :)

I am so glad we are doing this, it really is helping me get back on track after I run off the road! I haven't really lost anything in over a month but I know I look much better in a pair of shorts and in my bathing suit. I have a LONG way to go but I can definately see progress. And tanning will help my efforts too... tanned fat is much better looking than white fat!!!!!



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