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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok so here's my post for this weekend.

Sat started off ok with a swim workout in the morning and then had egg whites on a whole wheat bagel w/ fat free cheese for breakfast. After that it all went downhill. LOL Had a hot dog and some pasta salad and bread at the par-tay (not to mention a couple of beers). On my way back to SP I stopped by Del Taco to get my step-dad & Kai food and got myself something too so that wasn't great. Then later met up with Ash for dinner and went to El Pescador in Fillmore. I ordered the Pollo Nortena (sp?) but only ate half since I wasn't that hungry from snacking before I went.

Yesterday I woke up and had a whole wheat bagel w/ a couple squirts of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Then went to my dad's for some pool time and BBQing. We BBQ'd rib eye and had baked beans, some sliced grilled potatoes and bread. Not the best but not exactly the worst either. Later for dinner I had some of the leftovers from my mom's BBQing and had a small piece of carne asada & some Spanish rice. Oh and some veggie kabobs. Ugh...then I went to Sookie Sundays where Beth served us apple pie a la mode. Then hopped in the jacuzzi and had 2 Bud Light Limes. =(

So all in all this wasn't exactly the ideal diet weekend. But I'm back on track for today. I'm not going to deprive myself from things or I'll go overboard if I fall off the dieting wagon. But I also need to try not to let myself give into temptation either. However, as long as I am fairly strict with myself with eating and exercising during the week...I'm ok with myself if I let go a little on the weekends.

I'll post my meals for today later this evening but I'm hoping to hear from my girls soon too!


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