Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted this week. It's been busy at work but I'm proud to report that I've had a really good week. I worked out everyday this week except yesterday (I had a hair appointment and had to clean up the house for bunco). I even got up at 4:30 AM this morning to work out!!! I set my alarm and once it went off I said forget it. I want to sleep! But thankfully, my doggies were ready to be let out and once I was up, my hubby convinced me to work out (He got up at 3:30 to work out!!). I missed yoga yeseterday so I plan to make that up on Sunday. As far as eating, I think I've done pretty good this week. Yesterday I was starving before my appointment and I had a craving for chicken nuggets. I got a 6 piece with no fries. I know it wasn't the best choice but I could have done worse and now I'm over my craving for chicken nuggets. Tonight I know I will be bad too with bunco but I'll try to not go too overboard. I'm looking forward to a glass of wine for sure!!
I think I will weigh myself on Monday. I still need to take measurements and a new "before" photo since I started P90x.
Hope you all have a good weekend!!!


LeeseD said...

Good Job Reese! So proud of you. It sucks getting up early to work out but it feels so good when you're done! Keep it up lady! =)

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