Hump day blues.....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ok no excuses... I just haven't had it in me to work out... =( for the past 2 weeks I have only worked out ONCE... and it wasn't a work out work out... it was running!

The good news is that I have been really good about staying on track with my eating. Other then the weekend... =) I suck. At Bunco I was bad, 2 maybe 3 pieces of pizza and 3 glasses of wine. YIKES! Then Sat. wasn't tooo bad, had a protien bar in the morning, 4 of those Jersery Mike sami's the tiny ones, then only tri tip and a little bit of garlic bread at the tournament. But I did have a few beers so that doesn't help either.

Sunday, not too bad, just vegged around, I was sooo beat from the golf tourney I didn't have the energy to do ANYTHING. Had an egg sandwich in the AM then missed lunch and then dinner was no good....left over pizza from the night before. SO my WEEKEND WAS BAD!!!!

Monday: New week trying to have a new attitude - AHHH NO WORK OUTS
Breakfast - Yogurt w/ low fat granola & coffee w/ creamer
snack - protien bar
Lunch - missed lunch to busy at work
Dinner - bad... =( Chicken / asada burrito with Beans, rice and cheese & a beer... =) was at my sisters house.....

Breakfast - Oatmeal w/ br. sugar from starbucks & coffee w/ creamer
Snack - none
Lunch - 6ft black forest ham sami from subway WATER
Dinner - Chicken that was it... just lemon pepper chicken .....

Wednesday: PLANNING on working out......
Breakfast - 2 whole wheat waffles with reduced fat PB on them & coffee w/ creamer
Snack - Luna for woman protien bar
Lunch - ??? what to eat today
Dinner - ?? plan something with Shirmp I took it out.. not sure what to make but I am SOOO OVER chicken. =)

So far so good today!!! I am really really going to try and work out tonight. I HAVE TO... been feeling ok... but need to get my @$$ back in gear with almost a month to go i HAVE to step it up.

You ladies are doing great. LAURA where are you? LEESE awesome job, Terese you rock with your 4:30 AM work outs, Rhonda great job on getting so close to your goal... WE will all get there one way or another!!! PROMISE!!!


Ang said...

ha... my sami yesterday was 6inchs not 6ft... =) lololol

LeeseD said...

Haha...6 feet! That's awesome!

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