Crazy week...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey ladies! Here I am again. Feeling like poop because I haven't exercised all week! =(

Ok meals for yesterday:

Breakfast - Uh...nothing...

Lunch - Sandwich with eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, sprouts, avocado & cheese w/ a side salad and water.

Snack - Large Iced Tea & small chicken burrito (bad but I was STARVING)

Dinner - small portion of whole wheat penne pasta w/ grilled chicken & bell peppers (didn't eat much because I had that late snack that I should have had)

Dessert - it was The Heathan's birthday and we went over for cake and ice cream. I didn't have any cake but had some of the sugar free Jell-O and one scoop of ice cream (ugh NOT GOOD!)

OK...I'm also going to post my meals for today because I already know what I'm having for dinner.

Breakfast - Nothing again....out of bagels and our fridge is still broken

Lunch - Sushi! YUM! - I shared a California Roll with my co-worker and also had a Tony Roll which is only 5 pcs and is spicy shrimp, spicy tuna & cucumber...I could be a little off on that but I'm pretty sure that's correct. Oh and an iced tea.

For dinner I'm having leftover penne pasta w/ chicken & bell peppers.

This week has been crazy busy with birthdays and other stuff but I AM going to do my laps today. I'm also going to try to get to the gym tomorrow morning before work because I know I won't have time to after work. Friday is my monthly weigh in and I will be so sad if I don't hit AT LEAST 4 lbs. I hit my first 3 last week so I'm hoping to get that last one by Friday. Wish me luck!


LeeseD said...

Quick correction to dinner. Ended up having a turkey sandwich from Subway w/ some Baked Lays.

And I did 50 laps today so yay. Makes up for the coke I had with dinner I guess.

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