Summer is here!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling motivated today! I am off today so have some extra time which is NICE :) for breakfast had two over easy eggs w/ salsa, whole pinto beans and a bit of cheese. No carbs! Had half a banana for a snack, then some cucumber with lemon and chile YUM!
While baby was napping, got 4 sets of squats in, 3 sets of push ups, and a good amount of ab work. Later on, I am hoping to get a walk in once it cools down.

With the hotter, sunny weather upon us, I feel much more motivated since I will be in shorts every day for the next couple months! And in a bikini too!
I am really going to work toward losing a pound a week until vegas.over the weekend, I tried making better choices and it felt good. @ a bday party where there were burgers and hot dogs and I had no bun, although I did have a few chips.for breakfast instead of having a whole bagel, only had half and instead of a whole cupcake I had a half of one :) I should have avoided some of it completely but at least I made a few sacrifices... Yesterday I even turned down one of my dad's red beers!!!! So I had him make me a spicy virgin bloody mary instead :)Vegas will be here before we know it! We can do it girls, I know it.


LeeseD said...

Good Job Rhoni! I feel ya on the making better choices. I was at the beach this weekend and sitting there in a bathing suit really puts things into perspective! Ha!
You're little rhyme at the end of your blog made me laugh!

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