I'm BACK!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok got back in... Not sure what the heck is going on but I will make this happen. Gonna copy and paste what I wrote in the email a bit...

BUT for a brief update to own up to my SUCKY-NESS... =) I didn't work out ONE day last week. I needed a break. BUT I did eat very good and actually from MON- SAT... eating good, I lost 3lbs. BUT I was on the go a lot running all around and staying up LATE... like 12:30 every night so that gave my body time to work off food too. so maybe that was it! But today is back to the plan.... I am suppose to be on Week 3 of Phase 3 but I am going to RE-DO week 2 and go for the gusto again.... 8 1/2 weeks... not a long time but WE can all DO THIS!!!

Yesterday I will own up to my splurging....
Breakfast - Hozy's pancakes, bacon, & eggs w/ WATER
Lunch - Protein Shake, movie popcorn - then Lazy Dog Shrimp Tacos and edamane
Dinner - since lunch was so late, I didn't actually eat dinner but had dessert Oreos w/ milk =) as my last hooray for the week of bad eating. =)

So the plan for today: Brkfst - coffee w/ creamer & 3/4 cup of oatmeal with some brown sugar.

Lunch - Nick just called and is brining Aliyah down so I can go to lunch with her (we are doing on week with me one week with him for the summer. =( VERY hard to be w/o her. ) Not sure where we are going yet, but she wanted to go to the place with the BIG fork and tomato on it (Toppers) the other day so maybe I will take her there and I will get a salad! =)

I am so thankful that I have you ladies to help motivate me. I am sooo excited for our trip and can't wait to just chill and DRINK!!! Ok so I will update tomorrow for sure! MUAH


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