Have to pay the consequences....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm back finally...

Ok so this weekend I did NOT do good at all. It was my birthday weekend and I tried to do the best I could but it was tough. I really did bad some days.

I did ok on Friday @ Bunco. Only had 1 slice of pizza & some salad but 3 glasses of wine. It was red though so that means less sugar! Sat I had a family BBQ where I had some BBQ chicken breast, corn tortillas a little bit of rice & a little bit of a sorta Chinese pasta salad. Then had a B-day party where I ate half a hot dog but no cake and ice cream. Dinner was at yummy Boccali's w/ my girls. I had 2 slices of pizza (pineapple & bell pepper) and about 4 raviolis (I shared the pizza and ravioli w/ Beth). Then shared a strawberry shortcake w/ Beth also. Oh and I think I had about 2 glasses of Riesling. Sunday I woke up and had a bowl of cereal and then didn't eat until dinner. But dinner was a doozie. My family took me to dinner to Osabi and I ordered the Filet Mignon & Chicken and a glass of red wine. Of course it came with the rice and salad too. The rice was prob the worst thing for me...until dessert when I had a piece of blueberry sour cream pie. Then Monday (my actual birthday) was prob the worst of all. Woke up late and then met Beth & Jannette for lunch at Tia Babes. I had a bean rice & cheese burrito which was YUM but went straight through me! LOL For dinner my mom cooked me chicken tacos which are actually fairly healthy except I also had Spanish rice with it. We also had cake and ice cream for dessert. While the frosting on the cake was reduced sugar the rest of it was NOT healthy by any means. Oh so bad but I'm not upset with myself because it was my birthday and I allowed myself to enjoy it.

I have been back on track as of yesterday though.

Tues Meals
Breakfast - black coffee
Lunch - grilled chicken w/ new potatoes & steamed veggies...oh and a salad
Dinner - grilled turkey burger on whole wheat bread w/ fat free cheese, corn & some baked Lays
Snack - Eating Right Light Pomegranate Ice Cream Cup

Wed Meals
Breakfast - black coffee
Lunch - chicken, rice & veggies in a spinach wrap w/ a side salad and iced tea
Dinner - will be BBQ'd chicken & brown rice

No work outs this week so far. I'm fearing I will NOT meet my goal of 2 lbs this Friday due to last weekends birthday binge. But I'm willing to pay the consequences. If possible I will be doing laps tonight but prob wont get in another work out until maybe Fri sometime. I'll be up at Rhoni's from Thurs night - Mon but I am determined to get in some sort of work outs (even if I have to hijack your workout equipment Rhoni).

Next week is gonna be killer. I'm going to be Uber-strict to make up for this past week. I HAVE to meet my goal by Vegas. Even if it means I have to lose more in one week to make up for a lapse from a previous one. But I'm doing it the HEALTHY way!

I can't believe we only have 6 weeks til Vegas as of tomorrow! We CAN do this ladies...now if I can just take my own advice! =)


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