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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I wanted to start fresh with P90X on Monday but we had to take an unexpected trip to Urgent Care (everything is ok) and we got home too late to work out. Last night I told myself I HAD to work out. I was going to do a make up for Monday with Chest and Arms (?) but decided to be brave, stick to the schedule for Tuesday and try the Polymetrics! Holy Moly was that hard. I don't think I've jumped so much in an hour before but I felt so good after. I couldn't do some of the sets all the way through but I didn't give up. Though I love my Slim in 6 and still want to do those videos here and there, I think I will like P90X cause it's a different video everyday and I won't get bored. Hopefully we will get our "real" set of the DVDs today, not all of our burned copies are playing in our DVD player.
As far as eating , monday was OK. The only bad thing I ate was for lunch. I ordered two chicken taquitos but I could have been super bad and ordered 3 or the side of rice and beans. What sucked even more was I wasn't full at all. Had I had my usual salad, I would have been fine.
So, yesterday's food intake was:

Wheat sandwich thins with a slice of turkey and provolone cheese
Salad with tomatoes, a little salami, chicken, reduced fat cheese (my spin on the chopped salad from CPK)
Snack: Veggie plate with carrots, hummus and snow peas
Snack: oatmeal bar
Snack: a few mini ritz crackers with peanut butter and an apple with peanut butter - I get snacky when I get home :)
Dinner: Think cut pork chop, corn and rice a roni :)
Snack: 1 cup of low fat chocolate milk (I'm cheap and didn't buy the P90 recovery drink but I heard this was a good substitute).

I've been finding that I'm really hungry in the late afternoon before I leave for work. I think the apple and peanut butter was really satisfying but I tend to cave and eat crackers when I give them to colby. Oh well, I think I did pretty good and I could have snacked on weird things or had a glass of wine that Scott was tempting me with. I'm really trying to only have alcohol on the weekends and so far that has been easy to stick to.

My legs are pretty sore this morning but I'm about to head for a little walk on my break. Will keep you posted on how tonight's video goes. Wish me luck and you ladies are all doing great and have been my inspiration to get my booty in gear!


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