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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ok ladies...I'm here...where are all of you?

Started off the day with going to the gym and had my first weigh in as I previously posted. I could have gotten away with just that but I went to my dad's this evening and did some of my laps anyway. I only did 20 today (half & half). I was simply too tired to do all 40 but I was proud that I worked out twice today so I forgave myself. =)

Ok meals....

Breakfast - black coffee & a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

Lunch - Went to CPK with my mom and grams. My mom and I shared a Chinese chicken salad and a Thai chicken pizza on their optional whole wheat crust. I also had an iced tea.

Snack - Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cup

Dinner - Turkey sandwich from Subway & baked chips. I cheated and had a coke but it was my first one in AGES and it was sooo worth it.

Dessert - Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cup (these things are healthy and really good so I'm sorta addicted)

I know today wasn't exactly the best it could have been for me considering my lunch but I worked out 2 x's today so I'm saying I deserved it. =)


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