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Friday, June 11, 2010

So...after my email to all saying we needed to get back to blogging, I ended up being the one to slack off. Things have been crazy at work this week. One of the designers had something happen and we don't know what. Don't know if she tried to commit suicide or had a breakdown or what the deal is but needless to say things were a bit out of whack at work this week. Then to top it off I got ridiculously sick on Wed night. I started that day off so well too! I had a no sugar added vanilla latte w/ soy milk for breakfast and a turkey sandwich from Subway for lunch. But when I came home that night my stomach was hurting and I felt slightly nauseous. I tried to take a couple bites of dinner but it was grossing me out so I went to bed. Unfortunately I didn't stay there. I didn't think it was possible but projectile vomiting is real (think "I Love You Man")! LOL Sorry if that's gross but I had to share.

Thurs I still wasn't feeling too hot...very achy and weak so I stayed home from work and pretty much only had Gatorade and a couple bowls of matzo ball soup all day.

The GOOD part of getting sick is that whenever out my body like that....I feel like making a fresh start.

This morning I woke up late but feeling almost 100% (I was just a little sore from being sick) so just had a cup of black coffee and then showered to run some errands with my Mum and Grams. For lunch we went to Mimi's and I ordered the broiled chicken w/ fruit and baby greens & an iced tea. That salad was SOO GOOD! I highly recommend it.

Haven't had dinner quite yet but I've talked with my mom about how proud I am of her and how I'm really going to make a effort to really try to lose the weight with her and get healthy. We're going to plan out our meals for the week and stick to them. We have 9 weeks til Vegas and my goal is to try to lose 2 lbs a week (which is actually healthy). If I can do that then I'll have lost just under 20 lbs by our trip! Here we go again! =)


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