Begining of Phase 3 day 61

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morning laides...

Ok this week started out great. Sunday I have to say SUCCESS on the eat bit.

Had a protein shake in the AM for breakfast
Then of course like always, running around from here to there, went to take Aliyah to dance pictures and that was crazy but fun to see her all dressed up. So by the time we were done with that lunch was really already gone. So I had a snack:
Luna Protein Bar and some saltine crackers through out the rest of the day.
Rod, Aliyah and I headed over to Chris's house for an afternoon of swimming and laying in the sun... SOOOO NICE and relaxing.
For Dinner:
Love Sushi in Moorpark. Had a Jin's roll (nothing tempura) and a Poki hand roll (nothing tempura) and an Ice Tea.
For my snack that evening:
Stawberry Fruit Bar - I think fat free Very Very Tasty.

Monday was a success as well.
Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - 1/2 turkey sandwich w/ light mayo & water
Snack: Chex mix -bold & spicey!!!
Dinner: Grilled Hamburgers 93% fat free lean meat no bun, salad with a little bit of ranch. & water

Success work out of the night: very very cute and fun, Jaylin did the whole work out with me. He was tooo cute!
Back and Chest P90X video followed by AB Ripper a total of over 70 minutes of work out!!!

So today was my 1st day of Phase 3 day 61 of my P90X journey, so to say the least I am going to be a finatic these next 30 days to really see what results I can achieve. I really feel like I have gotten so many GREAT results this far and I haven't even done it as STRICT as I could/should. So starting off today...
Weigh in was great at the same place I was earlier in my work outs and woke up this morning at 4:45 a.m. and did my first work out for the day Cardio X, 42 mins. of a mix of yoga warm up, cardio, plyo, core signes. I am suppose to do another work out tonight, the 52 min. Plyometics!!!
Beakfast: Pear Granola muffin (P90X recipe), 8 oz of Cottage Cheese, 4 LRG Strawberries.
Haven't had a snack cause I have been super busy at work but going to have some sushi for lunch. can't wait for some good food!!!

Ok ladies.... Can't wait to hear how your weeks are going. Talk to you soon.


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