9 weeks and counting....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ok totally not sure what the heck has happend but I could not log on for two days... said I EXPIRED... but I don't have a google account I am using my live.com address??? SOOOOO confused.

Ok all that aside... Now to my post: I am going to be better about getting on at least for a little bit to post my daily stuff... that way this will be faster and I will be doing my part!!

Ok so yesterday food.... Very good for the day:
Brkfst - Coffee w/ creamer Non-fat yogurt w/ 1/2 cup of low fat granola
Lunch - sushi and water
Dinner - BBQ'd top sirlion w/ steemed broccoli & little bit of wild rice & water!!!

SUCKED on the exercise yesterday and this morning... Just couldn't get my ass up to do anything this morning and as for last night, well we all know how being busy gets in our way. NO EXCUSES... I suck I know.. =)

So today!!! So far:
Brkfst - 1 whole grain waffle toasted w/ reduced fat crunchy PB litghtly spreaded
1 liter of water & a handful of mini nila waffers =)
Lunch - 1/2 sandwich w/ turkey & ham and LITE mayo, 4 sticks of celery w/ reduced fat crunchy PB
Dinner - TBD Rod is out in AV playing with Ryan and my baby girl is with her daddy tonight, and Jay, well I don't get to keep him when Rod is away most of the time... SOOOO dinner for 1 please. =) Not sure if I will just have a bowl of cereal - =0 low fat granola or if I will actually make something to eat....I am not a good cook for one person.

BUT I do plan to do Cardio X or Plyometrics tonight!!! Anyone wanna join me? I will be doing it around 8 I think!!! SHOOT only 9 wks!!! YIKES... need to focus! Have a great day ladies.


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