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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok, I haven't posted in sooo long. I have no excuses but to really get serious about living that healthy lifestyle once again. This morning I woke up and I was running late. It's casual day so I put on my size 28 jeans which I have no business wearing. I have severe muffin top. NOT GOOD. I changed my top 3 times cause I feel like a blob. I attempted the second video of the Slim in 6 last night but my little guy wasn't having it. He kept running into my room and wanted me to hold him and watch the video. I figured he was getting tired so I gave him a quick bath and gave him some milk and turned on Nick JR. I then started the 1st Slim in 6 video which is 20 minutes long and here he comes running in. My little guy wanted to be held so badly so I had to give in. I wouldn't trade those moments in for anything but after he fell asleep I gave up. I slept in my work out clothes thinking I would wake up and get a quick workout in before getting ready but I hit the snooze too many times. I decided I really needed to blog today. After Ang's email from yesterday to blog, I was thinking that I wasn't going to be of any motivation to her since I wasn't doing anything but I realized today that I need you guys. Reading the October posts has already made me feel that much more motivating to really do something. I've hit rock bottom and it's time to face the damage that I've done since Vegas. I'm going to be brave like Ang and post my damage for all to see! My lowest weight pre-Vegas was 121!!! I weighed myself a few weeks after and I was 127 and I know I'm past 130 at this point which is NO BUENO for my short frame. I'm going to take the scale out of the back of my car (where it's conveniently been hiding since the move) and get on the scale first thing in the morning.
Meals today so far:
Morning: coffee (2 with creamer), banana, cream of wheat
Snack: might have a handful of cheez-its (reduced fat) in a sec
Lunch: going to get a side salad from the habit and I bought a low cal soup
Dinner: Ok, it's going to be bad but I already bought all the stuff. Making my mom's yummy potato enchilada recipe and yummy rice (fattening) side-dish.
I also have some grapes and a oatmeal bar for afternoon snack.
Ok ladies. I'm ready to re-commit. I will do some sort of exercise tonight. I'm thinking the 20 minute slim in 6 or cardio X. Good luck and special thanks to Ang for not giving up on us and encouraging us to blog. I need your motivation more than you know! Perhaps you can take me on one of your Sunday morning runs.
Love you girls!


LeeseD said...

Good girl Reese! You and Ang are brave to be putting your weight up for all to see. I know it's all friends here but it's a hard thing to do. I know I wont be doing that anytime soon but maybe someday if I get low enough to be comfortable putting it out there I will. We can do this! I know we can!

Ang said...

AWESOME!!!! Terese I loved reading your post! I am hear to work and need you all to help me work. Since the beigning of this week I have felt so much better, and reading your posts is soooo helpful to me! So Thank you. Lets do it Terese, how bout we try this weekend for a run. Tonight I am gonna walk at Shiels park while Aliyah practices Soccer wanna join me? Why sit on my butt right? Let me know. We are all doing this... won't let you back down.
Oh side note... I hear what your saying about not a low fat meal tonight, BUT you are eating at home and it isn't processed, so that is a step in the right direction!!! love ya.

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