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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hi my friends!!! How are you all doing?

How is everyones work outs going? I had a good week last week... Last post was Wed. Sept. 29 and I didn't have to bad of a weekend...

Thurs: I continued with good eating, didn't get to wk out but drank a lot of water and not bad bad food.

Fri: same thing good food, eggs in the AM SMFCO Ahi salad and a shrimp parm. taco, taco not so good for me, but good for my tummy!!! =) And Water water water. dinner was a bit of a bust, we were suppose to go out to dinner w/ the kids, but of course WORK called so Rod was MIA. The kids and I did a BIG Costco run so that I will stop eating out, and then picked up KFC on the way home.=( no bueno for the waistline at all... and really no bueno on my stomach..=(

Sat: Started of AWESOME.. went for a 2.05 mile run around Fillmore, felt good but a little tough being I had only been awake for like 15 mins. =) needed more time but only had a short time to wrk out b4 Aliyah's soccer game. NO EXCUSES! Came home and made egg whites and mushrooms w/ motz. cheese. lunch wasn't so good, went to the movies w/ kids and had butterfinger bites and popcorn and sprite, then afte for dinner we headed to Ferraros!!! YUMMO Baked Riggolitte!!! So that was nooo good for the waiste line but again, GREAT for the tummy. After that nothing on the bad food tip, had a glass of wine at the new SATTERFIELD Casa but didn't consume anything after that! =)

Sun: Started off good again, eggwhites with mushrooms, motz cheese and coffee, then headed north to SB for my Bro in laws bday bbq. I picked up Super A chicken so I decided to eat that, NO GOOD.. booo... Felt like blah after. BUT then we came home and went to VONS where I decided to buy some BEN n JERRY's yummy Oatmeal cookie ice cream... SERIOUSLY... probably the best ice cream I have EVER HAD!!! YUMM Didn't eat it all but still soooo good.

OK so now for this week...

No work outs just yet this week but eating has been good. When I weighed in... I was down 2 lbs which I was VERY happy about... was hoping for more but I will take it! I want to get at least 4 more down.

brkfast - coffee, 1/2 egg, bacon, bean, cheese burrito... i know not good. then lunch got worse....
Lunch - asada crispy taco plate from SNAPPERS.... yikes... but had water. =)
Dinner - Stuffed porkchops I made at home.. not bad... w/ salad.

brkfast- coffee, egg sami on wheat eng. muffin w/ ham and cheese made @ hm, snack - fresh fruit
Lunch - 1/2 ham sami on wheat bread, salad w/ little ranch, chips, 1/2 of a 1/2 of brownie... it wasn't good...
Dinner - frozen french bread pizza.. =) got home tooo late and yes... rod was MIA working AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for today....
Brkfst - coffee, 4 egg whites & 1 yoke.
snack - Fresh fruit (we have a meeting at 10 so I know it will be there) =)
Lunch - Snapper Jacks (I ordered it for our mtg. =) but it won't be bad for me, since it is catered in, I will make a steak salad with salsa and a little bit of shack sauce for my dressing... I will have a few chips but not to many and I will only drink water!!! =)
Dinner - not sure but may have a chick ceaser salad from a place in SB since I am going to see my sis this evening.

Ok ladies... I miss you girls... can't wait for BUNCO and LADY A... Need to be looking hottie pottie in my outfit, not sure what to be yet but you know me... sexy vixen in some way! =) lol PLUS I have my 1/2 marathon on Nov. 6th!!! yikes not far away.

Lets stay motivated!!!


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