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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morning ladies....

Ok so I was thinking on Monday when I was running that I needed to lay my cards on the table when I post that way it will be motivating for me. =)

So... when I got onto the Blogging wagon again, I said I had gained weight since Vegas... but didn't write it out. I suck... soooo here we go... When I weighed in again since Vegas...I gained 10lbs. YIKES... I weighed in at 129, and I know that isn't A LOT... but it is since before I was at 119, which is low yes I know... BUT remember when I said I would fluctuate between a 5lbs weight...that is totally fine to me... being 124/125 cool... but at 129 not fitting into my clothes.. =( booo. No bueno.

So... Now 3 weeks since I weighed in and started running again and trying to do P90X I have gotten down to 127.8 as of Sunday morning. This weekend wasn't a bust... Always could have been better but getting there with my work outs and better eating... Rod wants to get back on track too so it is soooo much easier when he is on board too. Actually the more I think about it, he is usually always on board and I am lagging. =)

It is funny how the mind works cause sometimes I am like, blah I am totally ok with how I am, but then at the flip of a switch I put something else on, and I am sooo bummed out at myself cause they fit me so many weeks ago... and now blah... so then I want to be all strict... ahhh crazy cycle...

So my weeks are now going to be Sunday to Sunday instead of Monday to Monday...

Sunday - weighed in at 127.8; WORK OUT - Run 3.35 miles
Brkfst- eggs w/ sausage
lunch - blenders in the grass
snack - chips and chips and more chips (while playing bingo at CHUMASH)
Dinner - 2 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (got home late)

Monday - WORK OUT - Run 2.75 miles
Brkfst - 2 morning star sausage w/ motz cheese each on 1/2 of whole wheat eng. muffin
snack - a few Cheetto Puffs (not good), LUNA protein bar
Dinner - BBQ Tri tip, salad w/ ranch, Noodle Roni noodles, 2 pieces of garlic brd

Tuesday - WORK OUT - Planning on running at least 6 miles after work.
Brkfst - Coffee, Protein shake made at home P90X recipe
snack - LUNA protein bar & small gala apple
Lunch - Planning - on picking up an Ahi salad form SMFCO
Dinner - Planning - Cheese tortellini w/ chicken in Alfredo sauce

Rod is BACK in Lancaster again =( so that makes my dinners hard because cooking for 1 1/2 is tough for me. lol I tend to do nothing for me and making Aliyah something simple... BUT that isn't good for me, so I am going to really work on still cooking up something healthy and good for the both of us.

Where my girls at???? Love ya all.


LeeseD said...

Ang you're an inspiration. It takes guts to lay it all out there. Even if I think you are a skinny mini we all know it's a personal battle and to really lay all the cards on the table is huge. Hopefully someday I'll be as brave! =)

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