Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ok great HUMP DAY!!! Off to a great start, blogging and cking in on I will blog on the FB Group in a minute here too!!! Love all our ways of communication. Just another short and sweet note, ate really good yesterday being I was in a meeting all day, Bkfst- fresh strawberries, some melon, and coffee (stayed away from the pastries) Lunch - Grilled chicken, small portion of chili beans, salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of ranch dressing. Dinner - left over grilled chicken from our meeting... and edamame EXERCISE - Ran 2.41 miles in Santa.... Didn't get up to do a P90X video, was busy playing with Andy (Leah's son). But we did go up and down their set of stairs like 3-4 times! =) ON DECK for tonight: Aliyah's game @ 5:30 then a night of P90X!!! for sure no if ands or butts, I have a goal of 5x's this week so I can't take anymore days off. Love you girls!!! (hope this thing spaced out...)


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