Monay is a tough day....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Morning ladies... I thought I would get my blog in earlier then later... Maybe it will help me get into MONDAY... =( lolo

This weekend wasn't to bad for me, until yesterday. Well and Sat. night but still all good. =)
RECAP of my goals for last week:
1. Do P90X 4 x's this week - well I did P90X 2 x's last week.. didn't quite make it
2. Weigh in at 125.5 - My weigh in was 127.6 not bad... but gained from being sick.
3. Run 2 times this wk - No running... but I did go on two 3 miles walks this week.
4. BLOG 3 times this wk - BLOGGED 2 x's this week

Soo I didn't hit ANY of my goals =( Which is a big bummer, cause I know I could have... just didn't push through hard enough =( On that note (no butts.. =)) I did work this week, got in 2 days of P90X Chest in back w/ AB Ripper and Arms and Shoulders w/ AB Ripper. Then one lunch hr amanda and I did a 3 mile walk, I had a 1 mile walk in, and then Sat AM my girls and I went on a 3 mile walk! So it wasn't a BAD week but COULD HAVE BEEN, AND NEEDS TO BE BETTER!

This week... No Excuses....
Goals this week 3/14-03/20
1. P90X 4 times this week!
2. Weigh in at 126.5
3. Run at least 2 days this week
4. EAT w/in my calorie guide from

I can do this!!!
Brkfst - non fat yoplait Yogurt
lunch - salad from somewhere
dinner - ??? i have a school mtg at 530 =( boo
Exercise, - going to go on a 1 mile walk with Amanda on our break, run at least 2 miles after work while waiting for my meeting, do a P90X chest and back.

Love our motivation that we all have and how we all bounce off one another!!! Alright girls Happy Monday!!!


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