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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok recap first of all on what I did yesterday... I don't think I set goals for the day =( bummer but I did in my head so I will recap that part.
I was in a meeting all day yesterday from 9-330 p.m. so no chance to take a mid-day walk but I did really well eating.

Brkfst - P90X protein shake, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Carne asada/grilled chicken salad w/ very little snapper sauce w/ salsa
snack - around... 7 homemade potato chips.
Dinner - 4 egg whites with 3 pieces of 99% ff turkey lunch meat, w/ motz cheese
Recovery drink 8 oz.
EXERCISE - Ran 3.65 miles burned aprox 462 calories

Was super happy yesterday because my ap worked... it was having some issues stopping tracking me while I was running ggrrr but this time it kept. BUT then this time i started having leg pains. =( This happened last year when I started running consistenly. Need to drink more recovery and take more Cal.Mag vitamins cause my body is pushing stuff out.

Today... Today started off great and is going strong.
This morning was my weigh in day. I last weighed in on Monday 1/24 and that was the week I started the following the P90X nutrition guide, started running again and still had a few little splurges on the weekend... So just a reminder I weighed in at 133.... My goal was to be at 130 today....
I weighed in at 129.2 this morning!!!!!
I was soooo flippin happy this morning. I am so on the right track and want to just keep moving forward.
My clothes don't feel to different yet which is my biggest struggle these days. I hate my pants being tight. But I am see progress. On Saturday when I was getting dressed, Rod said he can see a difference in my waist area!!!! Love that feedback.

Todays goals and menu:
Brkfst - 4 egg whites 1 yoke turkey lunch meat & motz cheese, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - meeting again... so we ordered sandwiches and salad, I will have no bread with my sami's.
snack - string cheese & veggie straws (sooo good from Costco)
Dinner - Top sirloin steak w/ sauteed zuchinni and mushrooms
EXERCISE - 1 mile walk on my break (after my mtg)
EXERCISE - P90X - Arms and chest wooo gonna be sore!!!
No running today... need to give my legs a rest.

I am feeling really good with my work so far... now going to keep it up and get to the point where I don't have to work SOOOO hard just to stay in shape.

Again I love love love this Looseit ap... so much fun to see what I am doing, and how it is working and not working. I have two friends on the ap, Laura and Leah... anyone else want to be my friend and join our fun chats from time to time? They give you badges for doing good stuff.=)
Great hump day to you all!!!


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