Me in Bullets

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

  • I'm working out now.
  • I LOVE working out now.
  • I'm eating WAY healthy.
  • I understand working out is going to build muscle so I may not see my weight decreasing very much.
  • I have found my groove.
  • I LOVE you girls.
  • Early morning weekend walk get togethers...anyone? anyone?
  • I don't write in often, but I read our blog everyday.
  • This is a great article I just found: HERE.
  • A friend told me that we need to take time and invest in ourselves over all...meaning taking time to exercise the mind, body and soul...literally investing in ourselves and buying good healthy food, bars, shakes, supplements, etc.
  • I know I sound like a wacko and not myself.
  • I seriously have found my groove.
  • It took some time finding it, but I love how I'm feeling.
  • Portion control is key.
  • Although I'm focused on getting healthy, I'm not losing sight of fun time splurges. I get the weekends to cheat a little. My weekends are Friday and Saturday. If we're together on a Sunday, please help keep me accountable ;)
  • The Lose it! app is awesome!
  • I LOVE you girls!


RhondaM said...

I LOVE you in bullets!!! I enjoyed this post of yours and I feel ya ;)

Ang said...

LAURA!!! YOU ROCK.... Your pumping me up. I have been seeing your activity on LOOSEIT and it motivates me. I love the excitment in your voice/tone/typing. =) I would love to work out with you... walk, hike, jogg, anything, I like being around my girls!!! Keep up the GREAT work.

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