Estoy aqui.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello my beautiful friends!

I am here, finally :)

It has definately been a WHILE but my excuse is work has been CRAZY! Crazy crazy crazy! I am passed that crazieness for now, hopefully, and hoping to be back to normal going forward and that means better eating and trying to get in some exercise.

I have my stair workout stuff today so I will do that at lunch in a while. Aiming for 20-30 minnutes.... I have green pozole for lunch that has lean pork, green sauce and hominy and I will add a bit of lemon to... YUM! I should really break down the calories on this one, I think it is actually really low-cal.

So far today:


No baby yogurt!!! Ha ha ha Ang ;)


A handful of grapes for a snack later

Trying to step up the water intake too....

This weekend wasn't too bad on Friday and Saturday but Sunday was chips/dip, deviled eggs, stuff jalapenos and beer! It was light beer and I think I only had 4 which wasn't great but it could have definately been worse!!!!!!!! I was terrified to weigh myself this morning but I had to do it. Scale wasn't even bad... 141.3 BUT I don't feel great and I know that although my weight doesn't fluctuate a ton, when I am eating better and exercising at least a little, I look MUCH better than I do now. It isn't time for tank tops and shorts yet, but it will be here SOON so I need to get back on track and get back into better habits. Hope you are all going to join me!!!

Not sure what is on deck for dinner tonight but I am kind of leaning toward grilled tuna patties and veggies. I will share my recipe for sure!



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