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Monday, March 7, 2011

YAY!!! I love reading what my girls are doing!!!!

I have been away for a bit, well I was getting lonely for one, but then I just got really really busy and then I got sick! GEEZO...
But I am back now, and ready to keep working....

Now where I have been and what I have been doing.

I love love love this Loseit ap.. really I think it helps me so much. OH and if you don't have the ap you can go to and do everything there... I sometimes go there instead and it automatically updates on my phone.
Before getting sick last week I was doing good with my running and walking... Then I got sick. I didn't work out for a week, but keep with in the range of my good eating. After Sat. the 26 I didn't want to drink for a little while... one to many strawberry margaritas... =/

Where I am now.

ONE plus from being sick, I lost 4 pounds!!! =) So when I weighed in on Wed. I was down to 126.4!!!! I was happy.

Sunday (yesterday) I got back out there and ran 3.5 miles. Then when I got home the kids wanted to go jogging, so we ended up jogging for 1 more mile. I loved it, loved that the kids were out there with me, getting some exercise, and wanting to do it!

This weeks plan: I am suppose to be on the second phase of P90X right now BUT being that I only did it about 5 times in the last 30 days... I think I need to start again.
Rod and I both are trying to not drink very much. BUT when things come up like an event we will splurge.

GOAL This week:
1. Do P90X 4 times this week
2. Weigh in at 125.5 this Wed.
3. Run 2 times this week
4. BLOG 3 times this week.

It felt like summertime on Sat. I loved the weather, but was not near wearing summertime clothes (i.e. shorts) so I am determined to change that come spring time!!! Just around the corner.



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