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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hi Ladies!

Here I am, it's been a while but glad to be here! I am always sooooooo busy at work and it is the easiest time for me to blog. Anyway... I was stuck in the 141 range for quite some time (and most recently, last week) but I am happy to report I was 138 this morning! I have been trying to focus on portions, smaller frequenet meals and little or no carbs at night. I read that Cameron Diaz takes this approach and really, it makes sense for me. I have been trying to have fruit, breads, rice or pastas (small portions of course!) in the first half of the day for breakfast or lunch, then only have protein and veggies in the evening and really it has seemed to work for these few pounds that I have lost. I know it will be hard to do it ALL the time (especially when my Dad whips up a yummy, carb filled meal for dinner sometimes!) but in general if I can make that a habit then it won't be such a painful regime to stick to!

Yesterday I had a turkey wrap from Mimi's for lunch- the whole thing was between 700-750 calories which sounds bad but I only ate half so 350-375 calories is not bad at all. I would normally have eaten the other half for dinner, but with my "approach", I saved the other half for lunch today, and I had cornish game hen and veggies for dinner last night.

I know that when I actually do get to work out in the evening, this approach might not work well since I will need the extra energy to get through a good workout at night, but for now this seems to make sense for my activity level.

I hope you are all having a good day and have a fabulous weekend!!!



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