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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where my girls be???? I am the last to blog and that was LAST WED... all alone here I tell ya.

Ok recap.. here are my goals from last week... last WED.

GOALS: P90X arms and shoulder work out right after work - maybe... ahhh I need to pick up some school mates from school and think they need to hang out at my hse for a bit, then I need to bake, I promised I would go visit lylia and the girls, and I have to pick up Aliyah from her dads, and BAKE for school... SOOOO I will get all this done. WONDER WOMAN!!! We are awesome ladies. Did not happen =( had major children of a parent... more to explain later in blog. but did go see Lylia and the girls... =) oh and i did get all my 4 dz cookies baked, from scratch!!! Wonder woman I tell ya. =)

WALK - on my break at least 1.2 miles. This didn't happen either. =( no bueno day at all

Ok so the rest of Wed...

Dinner - didn't have an apt. So I didn't eat.. It was a bad calorie day for me being that I only ate 391 calories all day...umm WAY to little. but my day was just ugly... Baby momma drama, kids lying... just the works. I was at my ends meet by the end of the day....


A much better day on the eating tip

brkfst: morning star, coffee,

Snack: 1/2 protein bar

lunch: Sandwich from subway

Dinner: Had some potato thingy at Laura's PC party.. yummy but still in range

(not sure what's up with the spacing... sorry ladies)

NO EXERCISING =(**** to freakin busy.


Brkfst: egg whites w/ motz cheese, coffee with creamer

lunch: SMFCO - Ahi Tuna salad... and good talks with my girls!!!!

Dinner: What a week... Finance and I went to Pescador and had Grilled Fish, refried beans, 1 michilada, 2 strawberry margi's, WAY OVER ... then went to BFF's hse and had 1 Ultra... Tell ya what a week we had.

EXERCISE: LOVIN!!! =) hilarious cause the looseit app has that as exercise!! =)


EXERCISE: to start of my day... walked 3.17 miles with BFF so nice to get out early but FREEZING.

Brkfst: P90X protein shake

lunch: combo of snacks at my sister babyshwr: artichoke dip, crackers, chips, salsa, cake, corn burrito, punch...

Dinner: Trip tip, some refried beans, 8 ULTRAS... Yeah a long night...


brkfst - eggs scrambled with motz cheese, turkey lunch meat, small cup of milk

lunch: Jin's Roll, Salmon Sushi, edamame from LOVE Sushi

Snack: Circus animal cookies.. =)

Ok so that was my REcap from last week... Not the best weekend in the world and really I am bummed I drank so much beer... but i just had one of the hardest weeks and well I felt like having a beer, so I did... not beating myself up from it. This week... another story.

This is starting of week 3 of really being active and doing P90X... I didn't do it once last week so this flaking


Brkfst - 4 egg whites and 1 yoke w/ motz cheese, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, coffee w/ creamer,

Snack - 1/2 protein bar

EXERCISE: walk on break 1.05 miles

Lunch: Caprese salad w/ a little bit of ranch from URBANE cafe

Dinner: It was VDAY but we didn't have plans... actually plans to not do anything really... But Rod made dinner Tilapia, wild rice, broccoli and 1/2 diet dr. pepper

EXERCISE: Ran 4.39 miles right after work!!!


yucky all day meeting didn't help with my walks today...

Brkfst: P90X protein shake, coffee w/ creamer

lunch: two turkey sandwiches with no bread, just meat, lettuce, cheddar cheese, homemade kettle potato chips, Salad greens w/ feta, cherry tomato's, and ranch. 4 waters.. geezo. =)

Dinner: ??? ?have no idea what is on the menu for tonight.

EXERCISE: As soon as I am done blogging going on a run... goal 5 miles!!!

Ok ladies.... I am just talking to myself here... Where you all be. Miss you all. I know we all have a lot going on and are busy bees but let keep on another motivated!!! MUAH


RhondaM said...

LMAO LOVIN! Crackin' me up!!!!!!!!! Don't beat yourself up at all about the beers/alcohol. Although this process is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we still have to LIVE and enjoy it. What good is it to look/eat perfectly but be miserable because we deprive ourselves from what we enjoy doing once in a while right?

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