Tuesday... and feeling great.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morning ladies.... Happy first day of FEBRUARY... Exactly 8 months away from my BIG DAY I am way pumped up. =)

I have been doing really really good with a few small digressions but they weren't REALLY bad, not even bad enough to take me off track.

First things first... recap of the rest of last week.
I last wrote on Wed. 01/26 and these were my goals for the day:
Today's goals...
1. drink 3 liters of water CK
2. go on a walk at break time at least 1 mile CK
3. run at least 3.5 miles after work. Totally due able as long as I don't stop to talk to my friends hubby. =) lol CK
I was totally happy with my run on Wed. I was feeling better on the run still a little heavy feeling and took me a bit to get going but I got out there... wasn't sure if I was going to make it cause it was already 5:17 when I got out there and it got dark fast. =( no bueno and won't do that again, especially after those dumb kids rob two people on Central when I was out running... ggeeszzooo

Thursday recap - kept the good eating didn't work out but did go on a 1 mile walk during my break.

Friday recap - kept the good eating up again... didn't go CRAZY at bunco had a sandwich and a few chips, and well some Sangria, but none of that was crazy bad. No working out again, but I did go on a walk on my break, 1 mile.

Saturday recap - Woke up early and got outside... went on a 3.5 mile run! Way excited cause I was wanting to just sleep in. BUT NO GOT MY BOOTY UP. Got home, had a protein shake for breakfast.... lunch was yummy VEGGIE pizza, a few nacho cheese chips at skating... then had a great cardio Skating work out!!! two work outs in one day, can't complain. Had a yummy cupcake and 2 small glasses of wine for Lylia's party... then later, had dinner at wood ranch, this is where I went over my calorie limit for the day... I had a 1/2 of a tri tip, some not all of th mashed potato's, like 5 buffalo wings =) see we were talking about them earlier so I was craving them. Then later that night I probably had a whole bottle of wine. lol GOOD NIGHT!

Sunday recap - egg whites and cheese and turkey sausage made at home for breakfast. Lunch and dinner, was a Turkey, avocado, provolone cheese, bacon sandwich on wheat. It was big so I ate it at lunch at bingo, then the other 1/2 at dinner for bingo. =) and water water water.

This week:
Couldn't have started off better. I tell you ladies, I am feeling great and the more I keep eating and getting some work outs in I am feeling more AWESOME.
So Monday:
Breakfast - 4 egg whites 1 yoke with mushrooms and motz cheese, coffee w/ creamer.
snack - 1/2 protein bar
EXERCISE - 1.19 mile walk on my break
Lunch - chef salad NO DRESSING!!! can you believe that???
EXERCISE - 2.19 mile walk on my lunch, incline too!!!
snack - string cheese
EXERCISE - 3.25 mile run!!! (my stupid gps crapped out but I am pretty sure it wasn't more then that)
Dinner - 4 oz Talapia, 1 cup rice roni chick & broc., steamed broccoli, water!
YESTERDAY was a great work out day... just the little bits here and there... it is giving me tons of energy. oh and I am getting better at taking vitamins... I want my skin my hair to be so pretty for my big day. so I am taking them after dinner so that I have stuff in my system... 1 a day for woman, Calcium Mag., Glucostimean?? not sure how to spell it...I really take that for my legs and my running.

TODAY: I have meetings all day today and tomorrow, so that craps on my break walks cause I don't get long enough... but my plan is for today to go home and go for a run. I have a meeting for Aliyah's mini sock team so I think Nick is taking her to dance. on the menu today:
Brkfst - P90X Protein shake, coffee w/ creamer
snack - 1/2 protein bar
lunch - Snapper Jacks salad made myself, (meeting catered in)
snack - string cheese
Dinner - Top sirloin steak, broccoli or Zucchini,maybe rice....
EXERCISE - run at least 4 miles

LADIES... where are you??? Vegas is 6 months away!!! WOW that sounds close. =) I can't wait.. you ladies are the bestest and I love you all so much... Thanks for everything and motivating me every part of the way.
Gotta get to my meeting now... hope to hear from you all soon.... MUAH


RhondaM said...

OMG salad with no dressing?! I only eat the salad so I have an excuse to eat the dressing!!!!!!!!! LOL :) You are doing great, good girl!!

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