Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think today is a blue day... maybe brighter tho... being that I am not blue.... down in the dumps. =)

Ok well I know I blogged last night before I left for the day so this one will be short...

Yesterday I had a bigger goal: EXERCISE: As soon as I am done blogging going on a run... goal 5 miles!!! CK I ended up running 5.44 miles!!! Sooo excited to get over that hump of 4 miles.

Yesterday felt great to be outside working out... getting some fresh air, and perfect timing being that it is raining today. That will help me do P90X!!

Good news on my weigh in... Last week I weighed in at 129.6 (I think .6) and today which I was scared about... weighed in at:
128.0!!! I lost 1.2lbs from last week!!! WOO HOO

Brkfst - 4 egg white NO YOKE, NO CHEESE...i decided I don't need the cheese every time. Coffee w/ creamer
snack - planning: 1/2 protein bar
lunch - planning: not sure... forgot to bring something
dinner - planning: grilled chicken
EXERCISE - P90X arms and shoulders work out plus AB RIPPER

I forgot my tennis this morning so we can't really go on a walk during or break, but I will be walking back and forth from building to building to do some stuff for my boss man.

Goals for today:
1. Eat right... no mess ups
2. Drink at least 3 liters of water
3. Do P90X tonight...

Ok girls... have a great hump day... I hope someones reading me talking to myself. =) lol


RhondaM said...

GOOD GIRL down 2 lbs from last week!!!!!!!!!

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