Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok so I have been committed to the Lose it! App!!!! But then I forget to check in here, but here I am :) So I like how Ang you make goals for just the week so I am going to try that :D plus I like Lauras idea of having 2 days off (I need that!)

Workouts: 3x Denise Austine's shrink your female fat (don't laugh!!! One day I will work up to the P90x)
Eat: stay in my Lose it! Cal. Count 1802 total for the day without workouts
Blog: more than 1x this week

Mon: 1244 total
Bfast: 236 Cal
Hungry Girls recipe cinnamon oatmeal & berries
Low cal chi tea latte (made with almond milk mmmm not so bad!)
Lunch:580 cal
Oh ya I had to have Taco Bell (I was just craving it :0/ ) fresco crunch taco tostada & I can't remember one other thing
Dinner: 370
Dream dinners chicken & pasta in peanut sause (really good!)
Snack: 48 cal
2 Hard boiled egg whites (no yoke) with laughing cow(LC) Swiss cheese & Dijon

Tues:1736 cal total
Bfast: 358 cal
HG (Hungery Girl) eggs in a mug with onions 1 mozzorella cheese ball & spinach mmmm!
Orange juice
Lunch: 589 cal
turkey sandwich on wheat few tortilla chips & ranch dip
Dinner: 614 cal
Salmon & Cesar salad with parm cheese crisps & asparagus

Bfast: 236 cal
HG cinnamon oatmeal apples & bananas & light almond chi tea
Lunch:??? Maybe SMFish co anyone going to be around?
Dinner: depends on if Kenzie has a SB game

Oh P.S i know Lisa will be having her cronies fundraiser next tues by we are also next tues all day doing one @ smfishco in honor of my mom all day long so I hope you can make it let me know if u have any questions :) have a good week!!!!!


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