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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I crack myself up with my titles!!! =)

I totally forgot yesterday to list my goals for this week!!! I was thinking about it last night...

So Goals for this week 03/21-03/27:
1. Do P90X 4x's
2. Run 3 miles 2x's
3. Try a new healthy recipe
4. Weigh in at 125.6
5. Blog at least 3x's

Ok so those are my goals! I am going to meet them this week. Have a busy busy weekend ahead but it will be fun and good times. But still need to stay on track. I will be tested for sure, with Bunco on Friday, Sat. BBQ for my nephew, Sun. lunch and BINGO for my Mom's 60th bday... Truly tested, but I WILL come up ahead... Not working this hard for nothing I tell ya! =)

Yesterday recap:

Not bad, my loseit says I was below 873 calories, but I did EAT 1283 calories...it is my work out that off sets it. Plus while baking chocolate chip cookies I think I tasted the dough 3 times... so that has to really count for like 100 calories, being they have 1 cup of BUTTER! =) lol

Brkfst: A LOT OF CAL. tall nonfat chi tea, bacon Gouda cheese egg sami from Starbucks.. yummy and only 350 calories

Lunch: followed thru and ate my lunch from Friday since I went to SMFCO instead.... 1/2 TUNA sami with NO mayo on the bread but some in the Tuna, I'm not that crazy. =) with small bag of carrots, 1/2 bag of Veggie sensations LOVE THOSE darn things and only 130calories for the whole bag.

Dinner: I was denied... you know us moms... I got home and did my P90X Chest & Back video along with Ab Ripper. my arms are still tired =) Then hurried and got cleaned up a little, ran to get Aliyah in SP from her dads, then over to a MK customers house to see which foundation looked better on her (YES she ordered), then to VONS for things we needed, then home, to get Aliyah to bed... FINALLY time for Dinner, no time for Tilapia and veggies being it was 8:20 by this time, so my dinner was 4 Egg whites and 2 yokes... They were yummy tho...oh and 1oz of Cashews. =) After baking for 2 more hours for Aliyahs school and doing laundry and the dishes, getting Aliyahs and my lunch ready for the next day, I called it a night when Rod got home around 11:00PM from working since 1:00AM that morning.

We are amazing ladies, I tell ya. There isn't anything we CAN NOT do... You put the task in front of us and we will get it done, and do what ever we need to get get there...

Today on the menu:
Brkfst - nonfat yogurt and granola, strawberries
Lunch - homemade lunch salad with a little bit of ranch
Dinner - ?? not sure Aliyah's cousin is in town that we want to try and see for a little bit. PLUS must get home to do P90X-PLYO is on deck today.

Hope to read what you girls are you to soon!!! MUAH


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