Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahhh! It has been a while but here I am. Really nothing good or bad to report- just kind of in between I guess. I weighed 141 this weekend which is the same,.. no better no worse! I have not been able to get any real exercise to speak of in, except for climbing a hill about a dozen times yesterday when we went to the snow!!! I always have tennis shoes, lounge pants and a sweatshirt in my car though so I am always prepared which is good, BUT executing the action is the key! At this moment I don't have any goals this week but writing this makes me realize I NEED to set some!!!! OK, so let's aim for 2 lunch time stair workouts this week and some situps. Who knows, it might actually happen!!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Either 1 waffle w/ no syrup or oatmeal. Haven't decided yet :)
Lunch: My dad's gumbo with a little bit of white rice. The gumbo is actually quite low-cal. It is chicken, hot link sausage, veggies in sauce so not bad at all.
Snack: probably soup broth and/or blueberries- my work has those little packets that are like 5 calories
Dinner: Not sure yet but it will be something easy since we have Ariana's gym class tonight!!

Hope you all have a great week my friends!!



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