Monday, and a new week!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning friends!!!

How was everyone's weekend??? I hope good, and I hope everyone was safe yesterday if you were out driving in that MAD rain. Awe love the rain at times but geezzo I couldn't even go to the darn store. =( lol BUT it will be all that much prettier out when I go running after the storm.

SO Starting my week off with a BLOG. Recap for last week:

Goals for 03/14 - 3/20:
1. Do P90X 4x's - I did it 3x's ... so need to push harder
2. Weigh in at 126.5 - well.. I weighed in at 126.6... I have to say it was close
3. Run 2 x's - CK!!! I ran on my treadmill on 3/17 then ran home from Laura's hse on Sat. morning!!!
4. Eat w/in Loseit Calories guide - I kept up with my calories until Friday night.=( went over by 92 but really more then that... but my exercise gave me more!

SO.... I am not there at making all my goals just yet but getting there!!! =) Must work harder!

Last time I blogged was Wed. of last week so since then I have been eating good, nothing crazy and still haven't had any chips since I gave them up for lent. =( boo. lolo

This morning and today's plan:
brkfst: (I splurged) Bacon egg & Gouda cheese sandwich from Starbucks (350 cal), tall nonfat chi latte
snack: Chocolate dipped coconut LUNA bar
lunch: 1/2 tuna sami no mayo on bread, carrots, veggie straws
Dinner: ?? I think Tilapia wild rice and broccoli
BREAKS - at least one 1 mile walk

Going to do P90X CHEST AND BACK & AB RIPPER tonight when I get home... couldn't get up this morning since Rod went into work at 1:00 a.m. I woke up for a bit so then I wanted to just sleep and sleep.

Tomorrow the plan is to run after work before Aliyah's dance class!!! Hoping the rain stays away for one more day!

Ok ladies, where you be? oh ya... I couldn't figure out why my butt was a little tender on Sunday... Then, I got up and the back of my thighs were too, then I remembered... WE did like 20 walking lunges on our walk on Sat.!!! SOOO awesome ladies... lets do that more! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND WEEK!!


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