PRE - Back on the saddle post!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good morning my lovely ladies!!!!

Ok so this is my PRE-Back on the saddle post!!! I am going to be back on the P90X saddle starting Wed. Sept 1!!!

LOVED LOVED LOVED Vegas, in every way... so much fun, tons of laughs, tons of food, tons of liquer, and tons of fun with the greatest friends!!!

But now back to non vacation reality, my clothes aren't fitting to good, someone told me the other day... you look better now with more meat on your bones... aka you've gained weight. =( lol and umm it is still bikini weather, therefore I want to look NOT SCARY in a bikini =) lol Soooo I am going to start once again the P90X and the nutrition plan, with a twist.

Rod is on board to start eating healthier again and taking lunch. Sooo I am going to do P90X as much as possilbe shooting for 4-5times a week and getting in at least 2 days but hopefully 4 days of running again! Eating good on the nutrition plan but regular dinners!!! I miss cooking so that is what we are going to do.

My 1/2 marathon is 2 short months away so I definitely need to get back on the saddle of running or I may die.. =) lolo So I will start logging my food intake on Wed. For now... EATING WHAT I WANT. =) LOLOl j.k. not crazy but I did have a bagel w/ cc and jelly this morning. =) lol

Love you girls.


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