Ok ok ok I am back

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well back but have sucked for the past week or so... =(**

Sorry friends... OK well for the past 2 weeks, I have been good and bad, and good and bad... =( I haven't been working out, just been busy with life and trying to be active but not happening.

On the eating tip, well again trying to be good but not so great... but not horrible all the time. So now down to the grind... OK 2 days to go and I can't, can't wait.

YESTERDAY - weighed in 124.3 (not to bad but being I was 119 a few weeks back says bad)
Breakfast - egg whites, ham, cheese
snack - Trader Joes apple nutrigran bar
lunch - 6" sami from subway
snack - 2 chewy sweettarts =)
dinner - FROZEN Smart one - Baked Ziti (my fav) very small still very hungry after.. =)

I attempted both yesterday and today to get up and work out when Rod went to the gym, but I was not succesful, just wanted to lay in bed... =)

OK today going to be good on the eating tip again! PLUS today is my FRIDAY!!!! We are going to the fair tomorrow and that isn't a hard one for me, not going to eat bad, just gonna stop by SMFCO and get of course my fav. ceviche!!!! Which is not bad! =)

TODAY: didn't weigh in...
Breakfast - eggs w/ ham and cheese
snack - brought a blueberry luna bar
lunch - ??? something light and not fatty
snack - brought some cherries
dinner - ??? not sure whats on the menu but something homemade for sure...

Can't wait ladies, only 2 more days and we will be sipping drinks pool side!! MUAH


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