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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aahhhh, sweet success. The scale was good this morning, in the 137's. This week so far, I have averaged losing a pound a day but I am sure that is over since I am at the point on the scale that I ususally don't get below- for very long at least! I didn't get any activity in last night but I don't feel bad about it, I got my stair workout in at lunch time and I ate well yesterday. I can really feel a difference in the evenings with cutting my calories/carbs during the day- I'm tired once it hits 8 o'clock!! I feel like i need to keep this sacrifice up though until we go to Vegas because I will be over-indulging (and enjoying!) for sure while we are there!!


lowfat cottage cheese/tomato

snack: string cheese- 70 calories

lunch: leftover dinner from last night; grilled steak with roasted bellpepers and asparagus

snack: baby yogurt - 110 calories

Dinner: homemade chicken soup loaded with veggies! YUM, can't wait. I know it's hot outside but I could literally eat soup EVERY day! I will make a good sized pot and have leftovers for tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a successful week. Try and make a little extra sacrifice the rest of this week and next before we leave!!! I know it is hard to make sacrifices on both fronts, but if you have a cheat meal, just work out a little harder! If you can't get much workout time in (like me), try and make a little extra effort on good food choices! And remember to snack so you keep your metabolism moving and don't put your body into starvation mode until your next meal!



LeeseD said...

You're doing great Rhon! I'm so proud of you! And I am totally feeling you on the snacks. I really tried to do a bunch of healthy snacks yesterday to keep me from getting hungry and it really filled me up throughout the day! =) Keep it up!

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